Taha Abedian, Iranian-Austrian musician (born 29 March 1977 in Teheran). 


1985-1994, learning the Basics of Playing the    Se-Tar for a year with Rahman Rohani (his father‘s cousin), he was introduced to Mahmoud Tadjbakhsh (1924-1999) and has studied with him  Se–tar and the Persian traditional music system (RADIF). 


1989-1994, Studies at the Teheran state Conservatory Violin and change to Viola after one year with Ali Bereliani and Teymour Pourtorab. 


1992-1994, Private lessons for fundamental playing technique on weekly basis with Valodia Tarkanian (Ex-principal violist of the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra). 


1994, Due to performing several Concerts in Teheran as Soloist (Viola Concerto by George Philip Telemann) with the Austrian Cultural Forum Chamber Orchestra founded and directed by Prof. Thomas Christian David (Austrian Conductor and Composer, 1925-2006), he was supported by cultural attaché of Germany and Austria to continue his Studies in Vienna. 


1994-2003, Studies with Prof. Klaus Peisteiner (principal violist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna String Quartet) at the Joseph Matthias Hauer Conservatory in Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria and has graduated in 2003. He has continued learn from him until a week before his Death (September 2011). 


2006-2011, Further Viola Lessons with Prof. Hans-Peter Ochsenhofer (a member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra) Prof. Ilsee Wincor and Chamber music lessons with Prof. Johannes Meissl (Artis Quartet), PhD Studies and Researches in Ethnomusicology (Aspects of the Music in Iran after 1978) with Prof. Ursula Hemetek and Prof. Gerlinde Haid at the University of Music and performing arts Vienna.    


1996, 1st Prize of the International Violin & Viola International Competition in Murcia, Spain. 


1997, Participation at the Pacific Music Festival Symphony Orchestra in Japan as principal and co-principal violist under the Direction of Yutaka Sado and Christoph Eschenbach.    


2003-2006, Performances as principal violist at the Graz Symphony Orchestra, a.o. under the Direction of Milan Horvat (1919-2014). 


2000-2019, Substitution at the Vienna State Opera Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra including Concerts in Vienna and Austria, World Tours, Audio/Video Recordings and live Broadcastings under Direction of Pierre Boulez, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Herbert Blomstedt, Mariss Jansons, Seiji Ozwawa, Bernard Haitink, Valery Gergiev, Daniel Barenboim, Zubin Mehta, Riccardo Muti etc. at Musikverein, Royal Festival Hall, Barbican Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall, Suntory Hall, Concertgebouw, Theatre de Champs Élysée and etc. and the last Concert of Mstislav Rostropovich at the Vienna Musikverein under direction of Seiji Ozawa (20th June 2005). 


1998-2022, Collaborations as principal/co-Principal with various Viennese Ensembles and Orchestras. Other artistic activities include Chamber Music, Teaching, Conducting and artistic direction of several Chamber music and Orchestra projects (Performances and Audio Recordings) including the Austrian Chamber Orchestra (Audio Recordings at the Vienna Konzerthaus). 





Franz Schubert: the Trout Quintet with members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras and Oliver Kern (Pianist/Germany). 


CD2: Viennese Music: (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Eduard Lanner/Johann Strauss) 

Austrian Chamber Orchestra, Taha Abedian (conducted by Taha Abedian). 


CD3: Thai Way: Music by Dej Bulsuk, Shardad Rohani Arrangements and Conductor. LSO (London Symphony Orchestra) & ACO (Austrian Chamber Orchestra/artistic director: Taha Abedian). 


CD4: Arash the Archer: Poetry: Siavash Kasrai, Shahram Nazeri (Singer), Music: Pejman Taheri. Austrian Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Taha Abedian.

تاها عابدیان متولد تهران، از سن ۷ سالگی شروع به یادگیری سه تار و موسیقی ایرانی‌ نزد استاد
 محمود تاجبخش نمود
در سال ۱۳۶۷وارد هنرستان موسیقی تهران شد و به یادگیری ویولا نزد علی‌ برلیانی، استاد تیمور پورتراب و استاد والودیا   تارخانیان مشغول شد

او اصول آهنگسازی را نزد محسن الهامیان و همچنین آهنگسازی و رهبری ارکستر را نزد پروفسور توماس کریستیان داوید  آموخت
  او در سال۱۳۷۲ برای ادامه تحصیل به اطریش آمد و نزد پرفسور کلاوس پایشتاینر، مایستر اول گروه ویولا ارکستر فیلارمونیک وین در رشته نوازندگی از کنسرواتوار فارغ‌التحصیل شد
او در سال ۱۹۹۵ میلادی موفق به دریافت رتبه اول در کنکور بین‌المللی سولیستی ویولا در شهر مورسیا در اسپانیا شد 
 اکنون ساکن شهر وین هست و به فعالیتهای هنری خود ادامه می‌دهد که شامل همکاری با ارکستر اپرای وین، ارکستر فیلارمونیک وین، اجرای کوارتت و موسیقی مجلسی، رهبری ارکستر و تدریس می‌باشد